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Hello… My name is  Hadi Putranto. I would like to tell a little bit about  myself and  my job.  I was born in Ambarawa on 12 March, so I am 30 year(s) old. I am married. I have one daughter. I work for ceramic tiles factory named Angsa Daya, member of Kedaung Group. I am a Heavy Equipment Section Head. My company addres is at Jalan Raya Pasar Kemis Km 5,5 Tangerang. I live at mess Angsa Daya factory. I came from Jogjakarta, my family is in Jogjakarta so I am alone in Tangerang, but I have an opportunity to join  them some day.

About my job, In my company my position is supervisor. I have 45 subordinates. They are under my responsibility. I must supervise their work everyday. Sometimes I also have a meeting with them to exlain everything about their duties. I suggest them and warn them to do their best for the company’s profit. Because the company’s profi means our profit. So that the company can pay us more. I must be patient and have special trick to be able to handle them because all of them are older than  I am. I like my job so that it can make me always try to work well.

I leave for work at 06.30. I go to my work by walk. I arrive at 06.45. I start to prepare everything. I start work at 7.00. I work for 8 hour(s) a day. I come back from work at 3.00 pm. I take a rest, take a bath and have  dinner. In my spare time I like fishing and traveling.


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  1. Awesome job here , Mas Hadi… Keep up the good work 🙂

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